Total Wealth Management

"A goal without a plan is nothing more than a dream"

Individuals and Families

Monthly Retainer Fee


$150 - $1000/Month

Business Owners

Monthly Retainer Fee


$300 - $2000/Month

What does this include?

A Team of Specialists

First it includes us creating and working with your team of professionals, to create our financial team.

​​If a client does not have trusted professionals in one or many of these areas we will pull in our team of specialist to provide ongoing advice for them at the clients discretion. 

Whether we work with the clients existing insurance agent accountant attorney banker mortgage broker is completely up to them.

Fists in Solidarity
Young Business Owner

On-going Advice

The second component is our ongoing meetings and delivery of advice

We conduct both spring and fall review every year where we review each area of their financial life and provide them specific feedback, which includes detailed recommendation pages in each meeting so the client has a deliverable that they can reference back to beyond these once every six month meetings.

A TWM client can call e-mail us as often as they like with no additional fees, these day-to-day talking items are all part of the retainer relationship.

Provided Technology

The third component the technology that you're provided.


The personal financial website website which we help them manage allows them to connect every financial account in their life into their financial planning software so that the client has a living breathing financial GPS updating all their financial accounts each and every day with their financial plan...

The plan in turn is what we use to provide specific recommendations for every client and because of the connectivity allows all of our recommendations to be as accurate as possible.

Online Meeting
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The final component is implementation. We not only coach the client on what they need to do but we actually handle the implementation of our advice as well.

When we give advice there are certain areas we handled directly through our registered investment advisory firm affinity wealth or affinity insurance strategies. these areas would include investment account management, real estate advice, tax strategies, and life insurance and long term care planning.

Other areas of advice that we outsource to our network of specialists such as estate planning, some areas of insurance, banking, and tax returns.

Personalized to You

The financial planning process creates a comprehensive view of a client’s entire financial picture.


We will show you exactly how to achieve and realize all of your personal and financial goals. 

The plan identifies how much you will need to save and what rate of return that money will need to earn in order to reach each of those goals.

The Importance of a Plan

A plan will help spot gaps in areas of your financial picture that you either haven’t addressed or that are currently insufficient


Opportunities can be easily spotted with a plan as well….such as savings that could exist from refinancing a loan or mortgage or adjustments that could be made with your home/auto insurance to save money.