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Total Wealth Management

Individuals & Families

Monthly Retainer Fee


$300 - $2000/Month

Business Owners

Monthly Retainer Fee


$500 - $4000/Month

What is a "Total Wealth Management" Relationship?

Traditional financial planning consists of gathering all current financial information, looking at gaps that exist, and then the advisor implementing product and investment solutions.  The focus is almost always on retirement planning, and the end result is a portfolio of investments that the client reviews with their advisor once or twice per year.  

Some prefer low-cost budget hotels while others prefer luxury resorts, T.W.M is a premium concierge service. This relationship is designed for those that have already done well accumulating assets and are now looking for something more than an investment review once or twice per year and also understand the importance of integrating the other parts of their financial life such as tax, banking, estate, and insurance. 

Our process takes ownership of managing every aspect of a client's "Financial Life Circle".   We huddle, collaborate, and communicate with the clients existing professionals (CPAs, bankers, attorneys, insurance agents) and/or introducing them to new ones on an as-needed basis.
There is no limit to the amount of interactions that the client may have with us, at a minimum we organize each year a spring and fall review of the entire financial team.   

The Affinity Group serves as the most trusted financial advisor in Canton, OH serving clients in the Canton OH and Akron OH areas, as well as nationwide to provide the perfect total wealth management relationship.

A sample of just some of the benefits our T.W.M clients enjoy....

  • A Personal Financial Website using the eMoney technology platform, which tracks every single financial account in a client's life on a daily basis. This is QuickBooks for your personal finances.  

  • Life-time tax analysis planning.  Making sure you pay the least amount of taxes over the next 30 years.

  • Real-time monitoring of all areas of risk management to ensure that you are properly protected, you have the best insurance for your specific situation possible, and you are getting the most competitve premium. 

  • Annual reviews of all banking products and services.

  • An investment portfolio management policy that is in perfect alignment with your specific financial plan/strategy. 

  • An estate plan that honors and accounts for each and every desire that they have, while also protecting their beneficiaries from creditors divorces lawsuits bankruptcies and business failures... In essence predatory things and predatory people. We want to do all of this while having the most competitive are structure. 

  • The most optimal Social Security filing as well as pension planning strategies for each of our clients so that we can maximize every dollar of their retirement income. 

  • As desired, ongoing real estate investment ideas. 

Onboarding Process


Who you are and what's most important to you is where it all begins. Nothing in our process is a template, rather it is tailor made. Our firms senior wealth advisor Scott Lowe will conduct an initial discovery meeting/interview to understand what you've done up to this point in your life and what's most important to you. 

Following the initial meeting, our team will come to you to collect all the needed data either physically or digitally in our secure vault, whichever you choose.  Our financial planning team located in Canton Ohio then crafts a tailor made plan based around your personal goals and every detail of your financial life.  


Recommendations and Specialists

In the recommendation meeting,  we present the client with a comprehensive financial plan that provides every detail of our feedback alongside with a two-page executive summary highlighting the most impactful and important recommendations that the client should enact in each area of their financial life.  

In the next 30-60 days our team goes to work in taking action on the recommendations while at the same time introducing the client to any specialist in our network that they may need to consult with, while simultaneously interacting with their own specialist to coordinate changes needed.  

The Affinity Firm is the most trusted financial adviser in Canton, OH.  We always prioritize clear and transparent communication for our Canton OH, Akron OH, and nationwide and you can see that from being the #1 Google rated fiduciary financial advisor in Canton Ohio.

Ongoing Process


It’s been said proper planning is not a single event, rather, it’s an ongoing never-ending process. As described above, clients will have a wealth plan review every spring and every fall but in between, there is not a limit our interactions within this retainer-based valued client to fiduciary financial planner relationship. 


Our singular focus is to provide as much value as possible as often as possible which allows you to go live life fully while we manage your “financial life circle”.  We engage members from our Canton OH fiduciary financial planning specialist team as needed as well as communicate and collaborate with your existing specialists throughout the year. 


Every Total Wealth Management client of our Canton OH based fiduciary financial advisor firm is provided access to a personal, private, secure and all-encompassing financial website.


This living, breathing GPS aggregates all your personal data with daily updates to your linked accounts, letting you breathe easy knowing everything important is at your fingertips.

Whether you are located in the Canton Ohio & Akron Ohio area, or across the nation, this technology allow this easy access to this fiduciary financial advisor to client information.

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