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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to live in Northeast Ohio?

Although roughly 40% of our clients live in Northeast Ohio, we work with clients throughout the state and throughout the country. Our technology integrations make working clients 3000 miles away as simple as working with clients down the street.

What actually is a fiduciary/financial advisor?

  A fiduciary financial advisor is legally obligated to put the clients best interest ahead of their own. As compared to the majority of financial advisors who are brokers, brokers are only required to show that they made a suitable recommendation for a client and did no harm.

How can you help me with my financial life?

When it comes to a Fiduciary vs. a Financial Advisor we can help you in many areas  in your financial life. From Insurance strategies and estate planning to Real Estate Investing and Investment accounts. As a Fiduciary financial planner we are bound by law to put your financial needs above our own so you always know that we are doing the best work possible for your personal situation

What makes you different than other Advisors?

What makes us different as a firm is our connections. When you become a client at The Affinity Group we give you access to the resources and specialists in every area of financial planning. Our Financial Advisor Scott Lowe will provide you with information, direction, and guidance in your financial life. 

So, do you help me with investing?

Of course we do. The difference is that we help with just more than your average advisory firm. We help in all areas of investing like investment accounts, real estate investing, Life insurance and many other things that you won't get anywhere else when it comes to personalized financial advisory. 

Which Financial Advisor Should I use?

When thinking about which Financial Advisor should you should choose you should think about if a fiduciary would be a better fit for you. A Financial Advisor at some companies may be a broker, and the difference between a broker and a fiduciary is that a fiduciary is legally obligated to make decisions and provide guidance for the benefit of the client and not decisions with the idea of making compensation on the client. 

What if I live in Akron?

It's okay if you live in Akron. We are a fee-based fiduciary financial advising firm that can help everyone no matter where they live. So whether you are looking for a financial advisor, a fiduciary, or a financial planner in Akron Ohio. We are all of those things and can help you with all aspects of your financial life. 

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