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eMoney is an industry leading wealth management tool that provides our clients their own personal financial website. 

Your Financial GPS

Never have to stop and ask for directions again, we will hold the map. eMoney is your financial planning tool that can show you the way to achieve your goals for retirement, budgeting, and so much more. eMoney allows clients to have their financial life in the palm of their hand. 

Fiduciary financial advisor in Canton OH

What is it?

a place where you can see your entire financial life updating daily. You will be able to summarize your financial life in a box. Organize and find anything you need quickly and efficiently. No more lost documents or damaged forms. 

Is it Safe?

eMoney goes beyond standard security measures in order to protect your information.  With features like 2 factor identification and 256 bit encryption, you can be certain your information is safe and secure.

Fiduciary financial advisor in Akron OH
Financial adviser in Canton, OH

How Do I Access it?

eMoney is a web-based application. This means you do not have to download, update, or worry about it taking up memory. Just log in to access your personal financial website. You can even use it on your phones and tablets. 

Instructional  videos

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