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Real Estate Investing

90% of all Millionaires are Made Through Real Estate

The vast majority of financial advisors ignore one of the most powerful wealth building tools in the universe, real estate investing.


Separately from a “Total Wealth Management” relationship, clients can engage our firm in assisting them to pursue their real estate investment goals. 


Our Senior Wealth Advisor Scott Lowe has 18 years of experience building his own personal real estate investment portfolio, which has grown to become its own separate company. 

Fiduciary financial advisor in Canton OH

When clients choose to go down the path of direct real estate ownership, Scott advises clients in:

  • Determining the type of real estate to invest in, residential, commercial, short term.

  • Evaluating individual properties and running rate of return numbers.

  • Partnering with the right real estate agent.

  • Financing options and banking relationships

  • Structuring your real estate investment entity through LLC's.

  • Determining bookkeeping and accounting strategies that will be needed.

  • Creating property management systems.

For Clients who would like to be more passively involved in real estate investing:

  • Evaluate limited partnership opportunities.

  • Explore opportunities to be a lender to other real estate investors.

  • Direct property ownership with delegating all responsibilities to an outside management company.

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