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Aggregation & Reporting

eMoney is a financial planning software platform that provides tools and services for financial professionals to assist their Clients in managing their financial lives. The platform offers various features, including account aggregation and reporting capabilities. 

Account Aggregation

eMoney Advisors provides account aggregation services, allowing users to link and aggregate various financial accounts in one central location. This includes bank accounts, investment accounts, retirement accounts, credit cards, and more. 

Account aggregation

Comprehensive Financial Picture

With aggregated data, eMoney aims to provide holistic and real-time view of a client's financial situation. This includes assets, liabilities, income, and expenses, giving professionals a comprehensive understanding of their clients' financial standing. 


Reporting Capabilities

eMoney offers robust reporting tools that allow financial professionals to generate detailed and customized reports based on the aggregated financial data. Reports may cover various aspects of financial planning, such as net worth, cash flow analysis, investment performance, and retirement projections. 

Goal Planning and Tracking

The platform often includes goal planning features, allowing users to set and track financial goals. This can include saving for a home, funding education, or planning retirement. Users can monitor progress toward their goals and make informed decisions on the aggregated financial data.

Client Collaboration

eMoney includes features that facilitate collaboration between financial professionals and their clients. This can involve sharing reports, setting goals together, and discussing financial strategies within the platform. 

Security & Compliance

Given the sensitivity of financial data, eMoney prioritizes security measures to protect user information. This includes encryption, secure connections, and compliance with industry regulations. 

Security digital
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