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Services We Provide 

We help people who have done well for themselves, who have worked hard and gone the extra mile, and can recognize the benefit of outsourcing to our team of professionals.


Structuring and managing your finances can be expensive and time-consuming. Let  our experts manage the day-to-day of your financial life so you can focus on everything else.

Team of Professionals
         360 SERVICE

Building off the needs and desires of our own families and clients, we have built a platform that allows our clients to benefit from expertise and deep knowledge across many different channels. By communicating with all the professional contacts in your financial life, we provide you with the comprehensive wealth management planning that no other Advisor could offer. 

Do your professionals ever get together, talk, or share information?

With Affinity, we are your Financial Foreman. We coordinate and connect ALL of your financial specialists allowing you to focus on your dreams, while we build the financial dream house you deserve. 

Our Specialists

Mark Trubiano
Andy Henton
Tim Hefty
Mel Lute
Henton & Associates
Pioneer Financial
Forker Company
Atlas Payroll
Tim Hefty CPA
Leugers Insurance

Where to Start When Thinking About a Financial Planner?

We know that trusting someone with your money can be scary...

or you might be thinking that you do not need any help with your finances.


You Didn't Go to School to be an Advisor,

And it shouldn't be your job to work with all of the financial specialists that you may have in place.

Fill out this form and let us tell you all the areas in which we work and how we may be able to help you.

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