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Tips For Emergency Insurance Claims

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

To help make the process of filing a claim go smoothly, familiarize yourself with your policy's claim instructions, and any steps you can take after experiencing a loss. Consider the following suggestions:

Contact Your Provider Promptly

Immediate contact with your insurer is your first step in facilitating a speedy claim settlement after a covered loss. Make a report right after the incident occurs, this ensures you describe what happened while the details are still fresh in your mind. It is a good idea to keep your insurance information handy speaking with your insurer.

Make an Effort to Minimize Damages

Many people are unaware of their duty to mitigate, or lessen the severity of, any damages resulting from a covered incident. Doing so may help in the settlement of a claim. For example, if the siding on a building has come off and water is seeping in and damaging the property, the policy owner should attempt to control the seepage to help avoid further damages.

Keep Documentation

Regardless of whether you are filing a claim for a broken lamp or a totaled vehicle, documentation can help build the case in your favor. Take photos or videos of any incurred damage at the time of the claim. If an accident or theft occurs, be sure to file a police report and retain a copy. If repairs to equipment are urgently needed, save any damaged parts in case the claims adjuster needs to examine them.

Stay Calm

Remember that there is a certain degree of inconvenience involved. However, by following some of these guidelines, your claim may be settled more quickly and more efficiently.

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