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4 Steps to Keeping a Sound Homeowner's Policy

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

When was the last time you reviewed your homeowner's insurance? For your financial well-being, it is important to make sure that costly coverage gaps have not developed since you purchased your homeowner's policy.

Read the details of your homeowner's policy. Read your policy's provisions, limits, and exclusions, and contact your insurance representative with any questions. Knowing why changes in your plan are happening is vital to ensuring it is accurate.

Update your home appraisal. Be sure to get a regular appraisal of your home's value so you can adjust your insurance coverage for rising construction costs, and home improvements.

Keep documentation of your valuable belongings. You can estimate how much insurance you need by documenting your possessions, both on video and paper.

Evaluate your liability exposure. A personal umbrella policy with coverage limits high enough to help protect you from the risk of a large liability claim may be a worthwhile consideration.

Periodically reviewing your homeowner's insurance is a simple measure that may spare you and your family the financial challenges of being underinsured.

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