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Legal Structure

Every Business owner must determine what is the proper legal structure for their entity: 

  • Sole Proprietorship

  • S Corporation

  • C Corporation

  • LLC Taxes as an S Corporation

  • Partnership

Patent Preparation and Prosecution

Each of these different entity structures change how the IRS views your business, and specific to your situation, some structures provide more advantageous taxation of the business's annual profits. 

Once a legal structure is chosen, you then want to ensure that the proper operating agreements pursuant to your legal structure are drafted by qualified attorneys. 

We work with our business owner clients to not only help them determine the proper structure but also pull in our team of CPAs and attorneys to provide their added feedback, and to draft the necessary documents as well as assign the appropriate election to the business moving forward. 

We pull together our network specialists and your existing team of professionals in order to create a collaborative and interactive team, looking at all legal and tax perspectives, and most importantly incorporating your future business goals regarding the future succession/sale of the business to identify the optimal structure. 

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