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A Family Business for 19 Years

Focused on You

From the day we started, we at The Affinity Group have been built by family and friends of clients. 

We focus on our clients and providing them with the best service in the entire industry. Through this we are introduced to friends and family because we provide such excellent level of service. 

That is how we have been able to grow over the last 19 years.

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Family Meal

Not Just a Number

With our small and dedicated group of employees we strive to make sure that everyone feels heard and cared for. 

Don't want to be just another number? As a family office we hold each client to the up most standard. 

Here you are not a number, but part of a family.

Doing what is best for you!

As we are a Fiduciary we treat each one of our clients like they are our own family.

We do everything with the clients best interest in mind without letting personal bias or greed skew our advice at all. 

If you are looking for someone who is there for you, we are here. 

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