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Executive Benefit Planning

Your key employees are critical to the success and value of your business and in today's competitive employment landscape offering benefits that other employers do not to help you attract top industry talent. 

Executive benefits enable an organization to selectively reward the key employees and executives of a business. Unlike qualified plans like 401(k) plans for example, there are no coverage or participation requirements for an executive benefit program. This allows a company to provide rewards and incentives based on employee-by-employee approach, offering maximum design flexibility.

Business meeting

Executive benefits can help companies compete and attract key executives who will contribute to company growth and profitability. A well-designed executive benefit program can provide incentives that help retain key executives for the longest possible time. 

Areas our team can help you evaluate:

  • Deferred Compensation

  • Supplemental Employee Retirement Plans

  • Bonus Deferral Plans

  • Disability and Long-term Care

  • Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer

  • Financial Planning

  • Investment Management

  • Life Insurance

  • Performance Pay and Incentives.

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