Af·fin·i·ty group

A group of people linked by a common purpose

Our firm quietly advises hundreds of families and professionals across the country.

"Total Wealth Management"

Whether you have a single goal in mind such as investment management, obtaining or refinancing a mortgage, life insurance.....or you're seeking an ongoing  & integrated relationship encompassing your total financial life, our firm is designed to tailor the experience to you.

Our firm is independent, with no parent company affiliations or conflicts of interest. Our Wealth Management arm, Affinity Wealth, is a fiduciary-meaning we have a legal obligations to place your best interest ahead of our own

Analyze all of your finances on one app. 

Most do not know what "Financial Planning" truly means. We directly help our clients with:

  • Investing

  • Home Mortgage. New purchase and refinance.

  • Insurance: life, disability, and long-term care.

  • Total Wealth Management: this is an ongoing engagement where, using world-class technology and your own "Personal Financial Website", we help you manage and make the best decisions in every element of your finances. In addition to the above three areas, we use our network of outside specialist to guide you in banking/tax/estate planning/real estate investing/property & casualty insurance/debt management.

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Affinity Wealth LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor and provides financial-planning services. Affinity Insurance Strategies LLC is a licensed Insurance Agency and works closely with Affinity Wealth LLC to provide services to our clients. Affinity Wealth LLC does not directly offer legal advice.

Scott Lowe is a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS #1972148, and is an independent contractor through Pioneer Financial Services