Total Wealth Management

Services we directly provide 

The Affinity Group directly provides advice and solutions to our clients in the following areas

Investment Management

We partner with the worlds leading money managers to customize your portfolio.  We don't compete with the best we hire them for you..... read more >

Protection Strategies

Aging gracefully and on your own terms, protecting your paycheck while your still working, having "safe money buckets" that never lose money are all important areas that we implement solutions directly for our clients.... read more >

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Total Wealth Management

We evaluate and manage every aspect of our T.W.M clients lives. From taxes, estate planning, banking, insurance, real estate, social security, we leave no rock unturned in providing ongoing comprehensive coaching and feedback ....... read more >


Home & Mortgage

We facilitate our clients obtaining the best possible mortgage loans and rates available through our national network..... read more >

Work done through our Network of Specialists

Through our network of specialists we directly assist our clients in the following areas by pulling into our process industry specialists in the following areas

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Utilize our team of tax specialists and CPAs to review your prior returns... read more >

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Estate Planning

Our team will ensure that your current plan will allow you to formalize your wishes... read more >


Real Estate Investing

As desired, we evaluate making real estate investments part of a client overall portfolio....... read more >

Banking Services

Manage your current accounts and project earnings, savings, and your financial position read more >

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