Our firm's Philosophy Regarding Wealth Management

Many Wealth Management firms and Financial Planners sound alike. Our beliefs and Philosophy's about how you should go about building and managing wealth are unique.

Why The Affinity Group?

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Help clients discover and understand their personal spending habits.

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A Wealth Advisor should partner with the best money managers in the world.

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Your various financial professionals should collaborate.


Risk Management is essential to long-term investment success.

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Tax planning is essential to  each and every investment and portfolio decision.

Who We Serve

As a Private practice we are happy to say that we provide service to people in 20 different states all around the USA.

Don't live in Ohio? That's fine!

From Alaska to Florida we provide financial planning to anyone!


As long as you have a place where you can use an internet connection we are able to video call you anywhere and give you the financial consulting you deserve.

"A fiduciary is legally bound to offer advice solely in your best interest;
it is the highest standard of behavior in our industry."

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Our in-house team has been designed to provide for your every financial need. From our customer concierge to our financial advisers. We are always here to serve you. 

We have also created a full

network of specialist to help you in any area of your financial life we do not directly touch. But, we will help you navigate and manage.