Your Vision, Our Guidance.

Our Philosophy

Understanding how we see the world of investing and financial-planning is key to understanding our unique approach.

Other Wealth Management firms and Financial Planners seem to sound alike. Our attitudes about financial planning and investment management differ from our peers. 

Our firm's guiding beliefs

[1] A detailed financial plan is required before we can give accurate, meaningful advice. Considering investment advice without a complete plan is like a ship with no rudder. 

[4] A Financial Planner should build a "Board of Advisors" that each client has the ability to plug into. This collaborative network should cover estate planning, banking, taxes, and insurance discussions, in addition to providing investment advice. Coordination of these distinct, vital aspects in one's financial plan is critical to achieving the best outcomes. 

[2] A Financial Planner should be partnering with the best money managers in the world, not attempting to compete with them. It has been said that "the best financial planners are not money managers, and the best money managers are not financial planners." Because of technological advances, today's planners now have access to the top management firms with low account-size requirements. 

[5] A planner must know how much each of their clients spends annually with a great degree of accuracy by leveraging with modern technology. Many advisors simply estimate your spending... This reality is similar to your doctor asking what you think is wrong. Inaccurate estimates produce incorrect plans, as well as investment allocations. A client's annual lifestyle cost formulates the spine for accurate, forward-looking projections. It's our job to provide tools and guidance to accurately track your financial life. 

[3] Investment advice has become increasingly commoditized throughout the internet age; investment-only advice is not a complete financial plan or a value-added relationship. 

[6] A Financial Planner should be discussing investment portfolio tax suggestions with their clients throughout the year. A critical part of managing your investment portfolio is being mindful of how tax decisions throughout the year can enhance the portfolio's return. Many times the amount saved by these adjustments completely covers the overall investment management expenses. 

A fiduciary is legally bound to offer advice solely in your best interest; it is the highest standard of behavior in our industry.

We work solely in your best interest.

Do you know how the Fiduciary code we stand by impacts you?

We created a better way to plan. 

Every Financial Planning client has access to our hand-picked network of specialists. 

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Affinity Wealth LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor and provides financial-planning services. Affinity Insurance Strategies LLC is a licensed Insurance Agency and works closely with Affinity Wealth LLC to provide services to our clients. Affinity Wealth LLC does not directly offer legal advice.

Scott Lowe is a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS #1972148, and is an independent contractor through Pioneer Financial Services