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Parker Hray

Creative Director


Hometown of Akron, Ohio

Get to Know Parker

Favorite Movie - Jurassic Park


Favorite Food - Sushi

Favorite Season - Winter

Brand New to The Affinity Group!

Parker is going to be the head of videography, social media, and the website. He is also going to be in control of all things tech inside the office in the Canton location. With his degrees in Management Information systems and Human Resources from Notre Dame College, Parker brings a distinct best of both worlds approach to the Creative Department. He will work closely with the Marketing Department to innovate on how we can stick out to our customers, while working to build a larger online presence for the firm.

Parker has grown up in Ohio his entire life. Outside of work his whole life has revolved around sports, and after finishing his college baseball career he now enjoys golfing in his free time. Along with that, he is an avid reader and health enthusiast. Parker's favorite thing to do is spend quality time with his family and attend Grace Brethren Church of Norton in Norton, Ohio.