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Hello Young Financial Planners!

Who is The Affinity Group?
What do we do?
How are we different?

The Affinity Group is a Wealth Management firm in Canton, Ohio who has grown over the last decade. We are a one location business but have big plans to expand rapidly in the next 3 years and are looking for future financial advisors to help make that a reality!

We at The Affinity Group take a comprehensive look into our clients financial life. We provide services in all aspects of someone's financial situation and look at the big picture to plan for whatever financial goals they may have.


This Includes looking into all areas such as investments, insurance, banking, real estate investing, estate planning, taxes,  retirement planning, and home mortgage. Our company, with your help, could help business owners and executives, baby boomers, young up and comers, and high net worth families.  

A woman at the office overlooking the city skyline

Why work with Us?

Here at The Affinity Group we take a different outlook on the financial planning industry. With our work inside of the total wealth management scope we look at all aspects of a client's financial life.


When thinking about a company that you want to work with and you want to grow within to gain the most knowledge as a very young financial planner, this is the place for you. You will get experience talking with clients, working hand in hand with CEO and financial advisor Scott Lowe, working with investment account organizations, and learn how to become a successful financial planner and financial advisor.


We provide an opportunity to become a well-rounded financial advisor through the comprehensive look that we provide at our company.


If you are a young advisor with a drive to have a successful career and to create a portfolio of clients that will provide for whatever financial goals you may have, we are the right place for you.

We have it all ready! 

We have a proven business strategy that is scalable and we are ready to start expanding!


We are looking for young professionals like yourself that are interested in learning more about The Affinity Group, how we work, how we are different, and want to become an Advisor. 

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