Kelly Galambos

Client Concierge

Hometown of Dover, Ohio

Get to Know Kelly

Favorite Movie - Rocky 

Favorite Food - Steak

Favorite Season - Fall

Brand New to The Affinity Group!!


As client concierge, Kelly’s job is to make sure every experience that a client has with our firm is genuine, unique, memorable, and personable. Kelly’s experience in public relations and communications makes her a valuable asset to our firm. Her goals are to make sure every client, no matter new or long-standing, has the best experience and service while working with our team of professionals.


Originally from Dover, Ohio, Kelly attended to University of Akron where she received her bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, with a double minor in Business and Organizational communications, and Interpersonal communications. At the University of Akron, she also received certificates, such as; Professional Social Media expert. When she is not helping our clients, Kelly enjoys spending time with her dog and furthering her education to continue to serve our clients to the best of her knowledge.