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Insurance Strategies

Protecting and preserving what you've worked to accumulate is a primary objective for most successful people.  Separately from a “Total Wealth Management” relationship with our firm,  you can engage our firm to assist you in a singular focus analysis of your risk management portfolio. 

We can help you answer

  • What type and how much life insurance is needed to help reach your goals? 

  • How can we lessen the income consequences should you become disabled? 

  • What wealth transfer strategies can we implement today to lower your current tax liability while also making sure your wealth is transferred to your family or a charity according to your wishes? 

  • Do tax-advantaged insured investment strategies make sense for your specific situation? 

  • What can we do to help preserve your wealth from income and estate taxation? 

Dentist Appointment
Insurance Agent

Solutions we implement

  • Asset and income protection strategies 

  • Analysis of insurance companies, including product evaluation 

  • Long-term care insurance expense mitigation and product selection 

  • Needs analysis and strategies for all types of life and group insurance as well as disability and long-term care insurance 

  • Wealth transfer, charitable giving and estate tax reduction strategies 

Watch this Short Video of Financial Advisor Scott Lowe talking about the importance of incorporating insurance into your financial plan...

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