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Concierge services and treatment is what having "your Affinity Group" is all about. Time is your most important asset, not money.....we will manufacture more time into your life by not having to meet with, manage, and translate information between all your financial relationships

Scott Lowe

     "I'm passionate about coaching and advising clients how to achieve or maintain financial independence, or as I like to call it "work optional".  What I have found is that the term "retirement" doesn't relate or connect to many people today.  We all want to get to the point where we get up each morning and do what we want to do, not what we need to do financially.  This is financial independence, and our entire mission as a company.  Everything our team does in the areas of financial planning, tax-planning, investment management, banking, and insurance, is focused on financial independence....either getting there or ensuring you stay there. 

     As the Principal and Financial Advisor at The Affinity Group, I truly get energized by spending time with my clients and obsessing over ways to provide greater value to their financial and personal lives. I want my clients to always say and feel that they are getting a concierge experience and have a partner in their corner who is looking after their total wealth picture."         

 -Scott Lowe

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