Retirement Plan Services

Our Personalized Approach

As a Registered Investment Advisor, our firm works in a fiduciary capacity to assist the company's we serve in evaluating Third Party Admistrators, Record-keepers, building investment fund line-ups, and providing personal face-to-face service to all employees focused on their total financial wellness.  Because of the highly personalized approach our firm takes, we are proud to specialize in working with retirement plans with 35 million and less in assets. Our service offering truly allows us to be an extension of the HR team and deal with everything related to the company's retirement plan, from signing up new employees to handling beneficiary changes. We sit on the same side of the table for the companies we serve in building the team of services providers, investments, and running the service plan.  This model is our hallmark and a truly rare offering within the industry.

Working for Our Clients

Our R.I.A status means that we work solely for our clients and do not receive compensation from any third parties in any situation. We utilize only fee-based, open architecture plan design, free of proprietary funds or investment requirements.  

The idea of a company sponsored retirement plan is to assist in helping employee's plan for their own retirement, however studies show that most employee's pull their money out of the plan upon retiring.  We find that the employee's of the company's we serve, through seeing us each year, build a personal relationship of their own with our firm, creating a comfortability level with our firm and our offerings which makes handling their own retirement date/plans much less stressful.

Reducing Company Risk

Offering a retirement plan legitimizes an organizations employee benefit package, however it does come with important responsibilities:

  • Providing diversified investment options
  • Educating employees about the plan, their contribution options, and their retirement readiness.
  • Annually reviewing the plans investment options, the fees charged by the funds and service providers, and their returns to ensure options are reasonably priced and performing well compared to benchmarks

Today there is a good deal of government scrutiny on 401k retirement plans to ensure that they are paying close attention to the investment options they offer their employees, as each employee is entrusting the company with their retirement assets and to look after their best interest. More than ever, working with an expert who specializes in plan design, compliance, and fiduciary requirements is a key in reducing the company fiduciary risk.

Benefits of Working with The Affinity Group

Reduce Work

The ability to outsource virtually every day service or management component of the company 401K plan. We function as an extension of your HR team, here to answer all employees questions and work with employees directly to handle common maintenance issues such as getting commonly needed forms, signing up new employees, assisting with separated employees, and any other plan service related items.

Personalized Advice

We do not believe much is accomplished in helping employees understand their retirement needs in large group presentations. Each year we sit down with all plan participants one-on-one to talk about their specific situation and helping them achieve their retirement goals. We personalize the ongoing support we offer.

Increased Participation

One of our main goals is ensuring that 401k plan it is meaningful to all eligible employees. We will implement strategies and education to increase overall plan participation.

Concierge Services

Each organization we work with receives an “Annual Service Agreement” which outlines the service-based items the plan will receive from us each calendar year. We want to deliver a concierge level of service and feel it is important to put into writing what you should expect from us.