Our Philosophy

The name Affinity Group reflects the team of professionals we have assembled in order to deliver true comprehensive planning.

  • Estate-planning attorneys
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Banking & debt professionals
  • Property & Casualty insurance professionals
  • Special-Needs planning advisors
  • Business & Executive Planning advisors

We believe a financial advisor, regardless of how intelligent or experienced they may be, can at best only directly help their clients in a few areas...such as investments, insurance, and retirement planning. However, most successful people find that there are many more important conversations that need to be integrated into their planning such as tax-planning, estate-planning, debt and cash-flow management, and banking just to name a few.

"We want to be our client's family CFO. In other words, the trusted family advisor that plays the role of quarterback and takes it upon ourselves to ensure that the all the areas of their planning have been appropriately addressed... our team of specialist are essential to this process"

-Scott Lowe

The Affinity Group's Philosophy regarding the financial services world is unique:

  • It is our duty to work tirelessly in searching for the most appropriate advice, solutions, and products for each client. We believe in working and partnering with only the most fiscally responsible and respected brands in the investment and product company world so that our firm is delivering best of breed solutions. Simply put, we do not want to ever have to apologize for a product or company we have recommended.
  • Our advice and recommendations will always be based upon that particular clients' needs. Our firm is an independent financial services firm, meaning that we are free from any associations with any company or conflicts of interest.
  • A concierge level of client-service is a distinguishing characteristic between our firm and others. We are passionate about the work we do and the impact it has on each client's life.
  • We believe there's no single more important factor in life than the value of strong, personal relationships. We desire a meaningful ongoing relationship with all our clients.
  • Working with confidential information is never taken lightly. We do all that's possible to protect your sensitive information and maintain confidentiality above all.
  • Education is an ongoing process. As professionals, we continually engage in training and ongoing education in all areas related to our field, this ensures that we aren't just helping clients make "a" decision, but rather "the best" decision for their specific situation.