Investment Management

As a financial-planning firm, we understand that our unique ability is to architect a multi-faceted and detailed design of how to achieve your vision. We also understand that leveraging the experience and knowledge of outside specialists and working collaboratively with them is key.

We believe that no one advisor or advisor group has a corner on the markets, and with that in mind, we work closely with institutional money managers and third-party asset managers. We do not compete with the worlds brightest investment minds and firms, rather we hire them to work for you. The best financial planners are not money managers and the best money managers are not financial planners. Our investment philosophy is rooted in strictly utilizing institutional asset management firms, they serve as the home-builder and we are the architect. We provide these asset managers the blueprint of who you are and all the details around your personal and financial life that make you unique, they in turn can make better day to day investment decisions.

Working with a Fiduciary

The Affinity Group does not internally manage or hold custody of one dollar of our clients money. Our clients take comfort in knowing that the same firms that manage Fortune 500 companies investments will be managing theirs in working with us. This allows us to focus on each of our clients overall financial health and not just one idea or prescription.