Basic Analysis

Basic Analysis focuses on a single problem or single set of problems in a client's financial life. We have found that not all clients' situations call for a comprehensive approach like our financial-planning process, and in those situations a Basic Analysis may be more appropriate.

The basic analysis process is a straightforward, two-meeting process...

1 - Discovery Meeting

In this first meeting the focus is to understand the facts and feelings surrounding the specific area of financial-need the client would like to address. We want to "wrap our arms around" the clients specific numbers such as income, assets, and planning they have done up to this point. The second agenda of this meeting is to understand the client's values, priorities, ambitions, and personality, so that we can customize a recommendation that they will be comfortable with.

After the first meeting a basic Needs Analysis is prepared by our team in order to design recommendations and solutions

2 - Recommendation Meeting

After the Discovery Meeting, all of the information gathered is studied, analyzed, and then summarized put into a summary format for the client. In the Recommendation Meeting this summary of information is shared, the client is educated about all possible options and solutions, before finally deciding upon the solution they prefer.